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COVID-19 Update, Plus Community and Creekside Staff (6/1/2020):

First, we hope that everyone has remained safe and healthy during the months that Covid-19 has impacted our community. Our thoughts are with those that have been negatively impacted.

Creekside Pet Care will continue to serve our community with curbside check in and drop-off appointments for routine wellness and emergency care. We are continuing to monitor the local and state guidelines and restrictions, with the safety of our clients and employees at the forefront of our procedures.

What to expect when you get to the hospital:

  • When you get to the hospital, our team will be ready to assist you via curbside check-in.
  • If an exam room is currently available, our team will take your pet into the hospital for their appointment.
  • In the event that an exam room is not available we will ask that you wait in your vehicle until our team can retrieve your pet for their appointment.
  • In some cases, if your pet may be seen in your vehicle, or we can fulfill your request or assist you without entering the hospital, we will do so.

As always, we are here for you 24/7. 

Our Community and Our Staff

The last several months have been very different for many of us, but one thing has remained true –  Our community has continued to partner with our staff and veterinarians to provide essential care to our pets. While some essential workers were able to work from home, our staff continued to work to provide 24/7 care for your pets. We are incredibly grateful for the devotion that our staff has demonstrated to ensure that the pets in our community are happy and healthy.

Heroes Wear All Kinds of Uniforms

We are tremendously thankful for others that have shown commitment in their line of work, such as human healthcare workers, public safety officers, first responders, grocery industry workers, pharmacists, caregivers, and many more, working to keep us safe and healthy. We also want to thank the heroes working at Creekside Pet Care Center. Thank you for your hard work, dedication to pet care, safety protocol and positive attitudes.

Please, partner with us in thanking them next time you come to the clinic!

Previous COVID-19 News (5/1/2020):

As an essential service, we will continue to remain open to serve and care for your pets.

Our community is seeing the impact of COVID-19 and along with it, we have further updated our efforts to remain available and ensure the health and well-being of your pets.

We are in this together and we are always here for you.

Because the health, safety, and well-being of our clients and employees remain our top priority, we are focusing on minimizing foot traffic in the hospital. This update to our normal procedure will include curbside check-in & service, and drop-off ONLY appointments. While we understand the uneasy feeling of not being with your pets, we hope that you’ll understand our efforts to eliminate exposure to all clients and employees.

As the situation continues to evolve, we see these new procedures and options as critical to maintaining our ability to serve your pet care needs. We will continue to do everything in our power to serve this amazing community.


Safety Remains Our Top Priority

Along with procedural changes, for the protection of our clients, patients, and staff, we will continue to adhere to the following:

  • We are limiting and discouraging all person-to-person physical contact. We value the relationships we have built with all of you but we ask that our team refrain from shaking hands.
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces throughout our facility.
  • We are accommodating requests for leave related to any COVID-19 illness, and have asked anyone showing symptoms of or having exposure to COVID-19 to remain away from work.
  • All staff are paying extra attention to hand washing and personal hygiene, disinfecting thoroughly between every appointment.
  • As always, exam rooms are disinfected before and after each visit with healthcare grade disinfectant.

Creekside is remaining true to our mission of providing 24/7 veterinary services. If you have any questions, please call us at 817-421-5850. As always, we look forward to serving you and your amazing pets.

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