Cat & Dog Grooming
in Keller, TX

If your pet needs professional grooming to look their best or just a basic bath to maintain their hygiene, our cat and dog grooming team in Keller, TX is happy to accommodate you. Pet grooming is more than cosmetic; it is essential to your pet’s health, comfort, and quality of life. Our grooming salon at Creekside Pet Care Center can help with anything your pet requires, from de-shedding and de-matting to a refreshing bath and blow dry. We are able to provide our grooming services to dogs and cats of every size, breed, and coat type.

We Provide Attentive Grooming to Keep Pets Healthy

Regular grooming is vital to the health of every pet, though some pets need more frequent attention than others. Longhaired dog breeds are prone to matting, and therefore should be brushed and trimmed on a routine basis. Some pets may have chronic skin issues, ear infections, fleas, and other problems. Grooming appointments are opportune for finding and addressing these issues and preventing them well into the future. While our team is pampering your pet, we’ll check their skin, hair, nails, ears, eyes, and teeth and recommend treatment if we find anything abnormal.

Additionally, our skilled pet groomers can provide breed-specific haircuts, trims, brush outs, and shave downs. We can also provide basic grooming to cats if needed.

cat and dog grooming keller, tx
pet grooming keller, tx

Pricing Information

Pet grooming prices vary depending on the size and breed of the pet. Therefore, we ask that you please contact us so we can give you an accurate pricing estimate.

Pet Bathing

Your pet deserves to feel clean and refreshed. At Creekside Pet Care Center, we are happy to provide low-stress bathing services to gently wash away excess oil, dirt, skin cells, hair, and other debris. This will help to reduce or eliminate any unpleasant odors, and alleviate any irritation or itching your pet might have experienced as a result of the buildup on their skin. We can also provide custom, medicated baths with ultra-gentle shampoos to relieve itching and inflammation.

Every bath also includes an ear flush, a nail trim, and an anal gland expression, so your pet can enjoy the full spa treatment and return home feeling twice as good!

Oral Care for Grooming Guests

Managing your pet’s dental care at home can be challenging. We completely understand that some pet owners are unable to clean their pets’ teeth themselves, which is why our professional grooming staff is here to assist you. We can perform a la carte tooth brushing during your pet’s grooming visit, and also recommend additional treatment from your veterinarian to ensure complete care is provided. Tooth brushing on its own cannot maintain a healthy mouth for your pet; professional teeth cleanings under anesthesia are necessary for the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease.

Cat & Dog Grooming Eligibility Requirements

Please see our cat and dog grooming requirements below before scheduling an appointment.

Must be at least 12 weeks of age and have received (2) Distemper/Parvo vaccines, (1) Bordetella vaccine, Canine influenza (CIV) H3N8 vaccine, and Canine Influenza (CIV) H3N2 vaccine

Kittens should be at least 12 weeks old and must have already received 2 FVRCP vaccines.

Adult dogs should be current on their Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella (Bordetella Intranasal annually or Bordetella Injectable Bi-Annually), and Canine Influenza vaccines.

Adult cats must be current on their Rabies and FVRCP vaccines.

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