Wellness Care for
Dogs and Cats
in Keller, TX

At Creekside Pet Care Center, we take a preventative approach to help maintain your pet’s quality of life. We recommend scheduling annual wellness visits for your dog or cat so our team can perform a thorough examination of your pet as well as discuss any concerns you may have about your pet’s health. These exams are essential for pets of all ages because they cover a wide range of treatment and can help prevent disease and promote healthy habits for your companion.

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What to Expect from a Pet Exam

Cat and dog wellness care is important for pets of all ages, however each exam is tailored to fit your pet’s age and individual needs. A healthy adult pet should have a wellness exam once a year. As your pet ages, these exams should be scheduled more frequently to help our team stay up to date on any changes in their health. When you come in for a pet exam, our team will perform the following:

• A comprehensive physical examination
• Administering any necessary vaccinations
• Parasite testing
• Blood screening

Need Wellness Care for Your Exotic Pet?

Exotic pets like rabbits, hedgehogs, ferrets, snakes, and parrots all need qualified care from a veterinarian who understands their unique needs. VO Vets in Fort Worth, TX is an affiliate hospital of ours that happily welcomes a wide range of exotic pets as patients. From wellness exam visits to spaying and neutering, they’re the team to choose for your companion’s ongoing care.

Age-Related Wellness Care

In addition, we utilize the following services to help your pet maintain their good health and wellness as a patient in our care:

The doctor will evaluate your pet’s physical well-being by examining your pet’s heart, lungs, eyes, teeth, skin, coat, vitals, body condition and joints, with special attention given to the abdomen. These exams are vital to your pet’s wellness because they allow us to assess their physical health and can alert our team to any additional concerns as well.
Our team is experienced in internal medicine, which refers to the diagnosis and treatment of disease inside the body, such as pancreatitis, internal infections, cancer, kidney or urinary diseases, diabetes, and heart disease. Using our in-house laboratory, diagnostic equipment, and advanced ICU, we are here to provide the highest quality of care for your companions in times of need.
Pets need help maintaining good dental health, as it contributes to their overall health as well. As part of our dental care procedures, we can provide a thorough mouth exam and teeth cleaning and recommend full mouth digital dental X-rays to be taken before every dental procedure. Pets who don’t receive regular dental cleanings are at an increased risk of periodontal disease, which can cause more serious health problems to develop. We can also recommend products for at-home care to help sustain your pet’s good dental health between visits.
One of the most important parts of wellness care is educating pet parents. We will work with you on how best to care for your dog or cat and preserve their quality of life.
Wellness care is only one aspect of the preventative approach. In addition, we recommend annual lab testing for pets such as blood analysis and urinalysis. This testing can help fill in the knowledge gap left by a physical exam and aid our team in putting the puzzle pieces together to create a more complete picture of your pet’s health.

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