End of Life Care
& Pet Euthanasia
in Keller, TX

Creekside Pet Care Center is here for you and your pet at every step of your journey together, including your last. Few things are as challenging as making the decision to say goodbye to your canine or feline family member, but our hospital in Keller, TX pledges to make the process as easy for you as possible. Pet euthanasia is a service we are honored to provide, because it helps pet owners relieve their companions’ suffering and give them a peaceful passing. If you have questions about your pet’s end-of-life care, please get in touch with us so we can help.

What You Can Expect

Your veterinarian will talk you through the end-of-life process for your pet and answer any questions you have about the euthanasia procedure. We will also take time to assess your pet’s physical and mental condition and rate their overall quality of life to see if treatment is possible.

If your pet has a poor prognosis and poor quality of life, we will gently recommend euthanasia to relieve their suffering. However, our team will leave the decision entirely to you and your family. We just want to make sure you have the information you need to make the most appropriate decision for your pet.

If you have questions about your pet’s end-of-life care, please get in touch with us so we can help.

Payment & Paperwork

It can be unpleasant to have to discuss payment and paperwork when managing your pet’s end-of-life needs. We will be happy to discuss the upcoming euthanasia procedure with you and help you complete the necessary paperwork, so things run smoothly. Additionally, if you would prefer to pay for your pet’s end-of-life services before the procedure, we can do that for you, so you and your family (if present) will not need to remain in the facility for longer than you need to.

The Euthanasia Procedure

At Creekside Pet Care Center, we perform pet euthanasia procedures with the highest concern for your pet’s comfort, and yours. Our team will take as much time as you need so you can say goodbye to your pet and sit with them for a few minutes if you prefer. To begin, we will place an IV catheter so we can administer a sedative to your pet to help them relax and go to sleep before we administer the euthanasia solution. Once your pet is asleep, we will ask when you are ready for us to administer the euthanasia solution to your pet. Once given, the euthanasia solution works quickly, and your pet will pass on in just a few minutes. We will check their heart and confirm with you when they have passed.

Remembering Your Pet

Every pet owner has their own unique way of remembering a pet that has passed on. We can discuss your cremation options before or after the euthanasia appointment; whatever is more comfortable for you. Additionally, we can discuss options for urns and other pet keepsakes to help you and your family grieve and cherish your pet’s memory.

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