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When health concerns arise, Creekside Pet Care Center is dedicated to diagnosing your pet’s ailment quickly and effectively, utilizing the latest techniques in veterinary medicine. Whether you need emergency care, diagnostic lab work, ultrasounds or x-rays, our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide the appropriate medical care immediately onsite when you need it. Because our vets are available 24/7, you can count on us for quality care any time of the day or night.

Creekside offers various specialized pet medical services for


Since pets age at a much quicker rate than humans, these visits will become increasingly important in early detection of any changes in their health. 

Pet Ultrasound

Ultrasonography, or ultrasound, is a diagnostic imaging technique similar to radiography (i.e., x-rays) and is usually used in conjunction with radiography and other diagnostic measures. It allows visualization of the deep structures of the body. Ultrasound is a useful tool for diagnosing many diseases.

Ultrasound can be used for a variety of purposes, including examination of the heart, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, bladder, etc. It can also be used to determine pregnancy and to monitor an ongoing pregnancy. Ultrasound can also detect fluid, cysts, tumors and abscesses.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive and non-painful procedure. A transducer (i.e., a small handheld tool) is applied to the surface of the body from which an ultrasound image is desired. Gel is used to help the transducer slide over the skin surface to create a more accurate visual image.

Sound waves are emitted from the transducer and directed into the body where they are bounced off the various organs to different degrees depending on the density of the tissues and amount of fluid present. The sounds are then fed back through the transducer and are reflected on a viewing monitor. The procedure does not involve radiation.

Our ultrasound technology is digital, so images and studies can be sent electronically to board-certified radiologists for same-day consultations as needed.


Radiographs (i.e., x-rays) allow our doctors to visualize tissues, organs and bones beneath your pet’s skin. This diagnostic test may be recommended for numerous reasons. Abdominal x-rays are indicated to evaluate pets with symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, abdominal wounds or trauma, or if a pet is suspected of swallowing a foreign object. Our doctors may also recommend radiographs in the event a blood screening reveals a potential problem with an internal organ, such as the liver or kidneys. Chest radiographs are usually recommended for pets with breathing difficulties or those suspected of having heart or lung disease. Radiographs of the bones and joints are also used to evaluate lameness or spinal pain.

At Creekside, we use digital radiography, which means we are able to produce higher quality diagnostic images in a shorter amount of time than traditional machines. The digital machine eliminates the need to use an x-ray processor to develop the films. Instead, the images are displayed to our technicians on a computer monitor within seconds. This feature enables us to ensure we have captured the optimal view for evaluation. If needed, digital radiographs may be sent online to specialists for further evaluation, or they may be copied onto CDs for clients to view on their home computers. Digital radiology also dramatically decreases radiation exposure to your pet. If you have any questions about Creekside Pet Care’s digital radiology, give us a call at 1-800-MY-PET-CARE.



For immediate results, our hospital is equipped with the most advanced in-house laboratory available. We can perform the following onsite: blood work (e.g., chemistries, CBC, electrolytes), urinalysis, cytology and fecal analysis, just to name a few. We also have daily access to a larger lab and lab specialists, such as pathologists, for when the need arises. Either way, there is no better laboratory service available than what is offered at Creekside Pet Care Center. Rest assured, we are equipped and trained to quickly and efficiently diagnose your pet so valuable treatment can begin faster and smarter.


Internal Medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of disease inside the body. Common examples include pancreatitis, kidney/urinary disease, internal infections, cancer, diseases of the liver and gall bladder, endocrine system (diabetes, adrenal, thyroid, etc.) and heart disease. We have all the equipment, training and experience to provide optimal care in times of internal illness. From a comprehensive in-house laboratory to state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we are here when you need us.


Dermatology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the skin. In pets, dermatological problems are some of the most common issues that require veterinary attention. Most commonly, atopic dermatitis (i.e., skin allergies), exoparasites (e.g., fleas, ticks and mange) and fungal infections cause itchiness, discomfort and superficial infections. We are very experienced at dealing with all dermatology concerns and use the most effective and safe routes of treatment.

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