Pool Safety for Dogs: How to Keep Your Pet Safe in Keller, TX

Summer is finally here! We can finally look forward to warm days ahead with plenty of time by our favorite body of water. Whether that be a lake, ocean, river, or pool, take time to enjoy it! As dog owners, it is critical to understand pool safety for dogs and how to keep them safe no matter what type of water you are near. You may be swimming with a seasoned swimming canine or introducing a pet to the water for the first time. But before you head out to splash around, ensure you take the appropriate safety precautions to keep your pet safe.

Keeping Your Dog Safe at the Pool

Let’s start with pools. Pools can be great fun for the family but they also pose a risk of drowning. Just like children, dogs must be restricted from accessing the pool unless they have adult human supervision. It is advisable to consider purchasing a safety vest for your canine companion to provide extra safety for their pool time. You’ll want to ensure that the vest is fitted correctly and is not too large or too small. Vests will have measurements you can refer to in order to ascertain the appropriate size for your pet. Another factor for consideration by the pool is the potential for hot cement with the sun beating right down on it. Be aware of the temperature to ensure your pup’s paws are not burned. If you can’t stand on it barefoot? Neither can they. Consider hosing the area with cool water before your furry friend joins you poolside or lay down a towel or rug to help provide a barrier between the cement and their pads.

Pool Safety for Dogs: How to Keep Your Pet Safe in keller, tx

Dog Safety While Boating

Will your dog join you on your boat as your first mate this summer? The safety vest most certainly applies here. It goes without saying that the waterway for boats is significantly deeper than other bodies of water. In addition, a dog needs to be kept safe from any potential slips or falls off the boat. Having a life vest will help protect them if this occurs. You also should ensure that the dog is always held in your lap or on a leash while aboard the boat. This significantly reduces the risk of them getting too close to the side of the boat. The upholstery on the boat seating can also become very hot from the intense sun rays, so be sure to test the area before you allow your pet to sit or stand on it. Consider bringing along something for them to lay on to act as a barrier between the seat and their skin.

Beach Safety for Your Dog

Are you headed to the beach? Keep saltwater in mind. It can be tempting for dogs to drink water when they approach it. However, you want to make sure that they are not drinking water from the ocean. While a few sips may lead to a bout of diarrhea, significant intake can be fatal. High sodium levels can lead to dehydration and kidney damage. This is considered a medical emergency, and your pet needs to be taken to a veterinarian immediately. Don’t forget that the sand can get very hot as well. It’s a good idea to purchase a pair of protective booties for your dog to keep their pads safe. This canine footwear will have sizing measurements to select the best size for your furry friend. Sand can also be tempting for some pups to ingest; make sure that your dog is not eating the sand around them; this can lead to blockages within their GI system and can be a very serious situation.

pool safety for dogs in keller, tx

Risks of Standing Water and it’s Dangers

If your dog splashes around in areas with standing water to cool off, ensure you’re aware of possible bacteria inhabiting that same water. Two common bacteria that are found in water are Giardia and Leptospirosis. Giardia is commonly spread through feces. Common symptoms associated with Giardia include diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, and dehydration. If you suspect your dog may have contracted Giardia, be sure to get them an appointment with your veterinarian to run the appropriate diagnostic tests.

Another risk in standing water is Leptospirosis. Water becomes infected with this bacterium when it makes contact with infected urine or through close contact with wild animals. It can cause severe health conditions, such as organ failure, if not treated promptly. Knowing the signs to watch out for to get your pup promptly assessed by their veterinarian is essential.


Most of us love to enjoy ourselves under the sun, and this also includes our dogs. Our precious four-legged pals can also be susceptible to dehydration and sunburn, just like we can. When you are outdoors with your pet, ensure they have access to a shaded area and cold drinking water. Monitor their activity level to ensure they are not over-exerting themselves in the heat. Their time outdoors in the heat should be limited before they retreat to the air-conditioned home they share with you.

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