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Exotic Pet Care

Creekside Pet Care Center Now Serves Exotic Pets*

*By Appointment Only With Dr. Carol Chong


We know that pets come in all shapes, sizes and species. That’s why Creekside now offers veterinary care services for exotic pets like small mammals, nonvenomous reptiles, rabbits, birds and more. We offer many of the same great services to exotic pets as well as cats and dogs, so your exotic pets can live long, happy and healthy lives. Below, you’ll find all the information you need about our new exotic pet services.

What Types of Exotic Pets Does Creekside Serve?

Creekside serves all nonvenomous reptiles under 50 pounds, birds and small mammals (i.e. rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice and hedgehogs).

Are Walk-Ins Allowed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer walk-ins at this time for exotic pets. Pet parents must schedule an appointment with Dr. Carol Chong in advance.

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What Services Are Offered for Exotic Pets?

At Creekside, we care about your pet’s wellness. That’s why we offer annual exams, nail, beak and teeth trims, as well as exam, treatment and hospitalization services if your pet should become ill.

Can I Sign My Exotic Pet Up for a Wellness Plan?

At this time, Creekside does not offer wellness plans for exotic pets.

Does Creekside Offer Boarding for Exotic Pets?

Small caged exotic pets may be boarded at our facility so long as the pet parent provides a cage and all supplies.


Exotic Pet Wellness

Creekside is committed to the wellbeing of your pets, no matter their species. We look forward to meeting your exotic pets and working with pet parents to ensure your reptiles, birds and small mammals are living their best and healthiest lives. To keep your pet in the best shape possible, we recommend a yearly visit to Creekside for a wellness checkup.

The primary service Creekside offers for exotic pets is wellness exams. These examinations ensure your pet is in tip-top shape through early disease detection, a comprehensive physical exam and trimming of nails, teeth or beaks. Wellness checks at Creekside are comprehensive and include inspection of your exotic pet’s eyes, skin, vitals, teeth, joints, body condition and coat, when applicable.

Additionally, our exotic pet specialist, Dr. Carol Chong makes sure to consult with and educate clients about the physical state of their pets. Dr. Chong will work with clients as partners, to ensure your exotic pet receives the necessary at-home care he or she needs to live a happy, healthy life.

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